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Ladder Pre-use Checklist

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 1

Pre-use ladder checklist are important steps you need to check the ladder is safe.

At the beginning of the work day it is critical to run through ladder safety checks for any obvious visual defects.

Health and safety:  Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) was brought in to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from heights.

Look at Working at height: A brief guide – The law requires a sensible approach to managing risk, and the guide gives guidance on deciding if a ladder is the right type of equipment for a particular task.

Ladder Pre-Use Checklist

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2


Check for missing, worn or damaged feet which could lead to the ladder  slipping.

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2


Check for bent or damaged stiles as could lead to the ladder to
buckle or collapse.

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2


Inspect for  bent, worn, missing or loose rungs. 

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2


Locking mechanisms stop the ladder folding check they are not bent, worn or damaged. Ensure any locking bars are engaged to prevent collapse.

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2


Clean and free of debris and grease which could make it slippery.

Ladder Pre-use Checklist 2

Size and Type

Select the correct size ladder for the job you need to do.

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