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Ladder Safety Checklist

Ladder Safety Checklist 15

Ladders safety . These are not banned under health and safety law.

Always maintain 3-point contact. This means two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand  on the ladder when climbing.

Keep your body near the centre of the step and face the ladder whilst climbing.

Make sure the ladder angle is at 75° don’t work off the top three rungs, try to make sure the ladder
extends at least 1 m  above working area.

Always carry out pre-use ladder checks before using the ladder.

Ladder Safety Checklist

Correct Type of Ladder

Choose the right ladder for the job each type is designed with a different purpose in mind.

Step Ladders, Work Platforms, Extension Ladders, Step Stools  and Combination Ladders

Correct Size

Is it long enough or high enough for the task?

Is it appropriate for the height and nature of the job you are planned.

Inspect for Defects

Check there is no visible defects.

Stable Level Ground

Firm level ground.

Check feet are in contact with the ground and the
steps are level.

Do not try and use packing such as bricks, blocks, timbers etc to level the ground.

If the surface is sft a large wooden board can be laid down to spread the load.


Wet weather conditions grip is compromised and risk of slipping and falling.

Do not use ladders in strong or gusting winds.


Electricity, doors or windows or can be struck by vehicles.

Braces Locked

Locking mechanism to stop the two halves sliding apart

Check Ladder Clean

Check feet are clean and can grip.

Make sure no oil or grease.

Outside check no moss or leaf litter.

Check Shoes Clean

Maximise traction and avoid slipping

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