Lead Qualification Checklist

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Lead Qualification Checklist

Lead qualification establishes the step-by-step criteria to ensure the leads have the highest probability of becoming future customers.

Sales reps need to spend less time on unqualified leads and more time closing.

Sales pipelines are either qualified or disqualified leads, depending on whether or not they meet these criteria. These are designed to separate the potential customers from the dead-end leads, enabling sales teams to concentrate on prospects who have the highest likelihood of converting. 

By breaking down the criteria into more manageable individual tasks the checklist keeps the lead qualification process consistent.

Listing all characteristics and questions that can define your target customer allows you to evaluate and check every box so they are qualified lead.

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Lead Qualification Checklist

Check leads have the highest chances of becoming customers,
Real Interest

Are they really interested in buying your product?

Are they interested in learning more?

No automatic disqualification

Need Your Product

Difference between wanting a product and having a use for it.

  • What are current challenges and pains?
  • Long-term goals?

Clarity on how you can make a difference.

Within Budget

Sensitive subject and a few ideas to get an idea of budget.

  • What are they currently using?
  • Are you happy with the current product price?
  • Ideal price range?
Ready To Buy

Is it the right time?

  • What is time frame?
  • Where are they in buying journey?
  • Is this initial research, or comparing prices and features?

Just because a lead isn’t ready to purchase right now doesn’t mean they won’t be ready

The Decision-Maker

Making a sale requires approval from the decision-maker is this the right person?

Knowledge check to determine level of intimate knowledge of company goals, challenges, and needs.

Knowing who makes the buying decisions, and understanding the role that each person plays.

Lead Qualification Frameworks

BANT: originally developed by IBM which seeks to uncover the following four pieces of information

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeline

MEDDIC: Created by Jack Napoli at technology company PTC. Aim to get sales reps to understand all aspects of a target customer purchase process.

  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Identify Pain
  • Champion

CHAMP:  Challenge ahead of authority to find out information and determine who to reach out to.

  • Challenges
  • Authority
  • Money
  • Prioritization

similar to ANUM

ANUM: Determine whether to speak with a decision-maker first.

  • Authority
  • Need
  • Urgency
  • Money

 spin on BANT

FAINT: Many purchase decisions are unplanned.

  • Funds
  • Authority
  • Interest
  • Need
  • Timing
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