Sales Lead Generation Checklist

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Sales Lead Generation Checklist

Sales Lead Generation is the process of sparking interest in your company’s product/service with the aim of increasing sales. It is a crucial part of the sales process because business salesforce efficiency is linked to the ability to generate new business leads.

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All businesses need to generate sales leads to survive and grow. There are many ways of sales lead generation, for example, email lists, websites, shows, recommendations /referrals from existing customers, and advertising and marketing. 

  • Inbound marketing – Internet content creation and promotion.
    Content creation blogs, videos, images, and infographics.
    Promotion: Search engine optimisation (SEO), advertising pay per click (PPC), and social media.
  • Outbound marketing – Marketing that pushes itself at its audience. Examples, email marketing, TV commercials,  events and shows, and advertisements in magazines and papers.

These are points where a business or person you have not yet done business with has shown or given reason to believe they are interested in being a potential customer in the future.

Sales Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation Checklist


Do research on the business who you are prospecting to.

Research competitors or business info which could be useful to open a conversation.

Identify relevant data and stats that can be used to open dialogue.

Research current news, evolving markets, industry, new products etc.

Identify Key People

Target the key person or the correct department.

Who will see greatest benefit from the product or service?Who can sign off a sale?

Add Value

Avoid sending cold calling emails you do not want to seem spammy.

Add value by offering a demo or give examples of your service.

Share blogs, articles or evidence you have available.

Understand Customer Journey

Understand customers pain points.

Focus on the solutions and problems that you can help solve.

Products and Services

Know your products and services inside out!

What solutions they offer business?

Avoid using any jargon.

Confidence & Knowledgeable

Make yourself memorable for the right reason prove your knowledge of their pain points

Thanks and Agree Next Steps

End the call with thanks for the persons time and feedback.

Ask how you can follow up and move forward.

Send summary of your conversation.

Track Communication

Tracking communication is key

Update CRM (customer relationship management), spreadsheet, salesforce

Schedule follow up, document offers, notes

Note personal information that can help keep it friendly.

Qualify a Sales Lead

Who is your perfect customer? Who can benefit from what you offer? Identify and understand key characteristics or attributes of the perfect customer. 

  • Annual sales
  • Employees Numbers
  • Location
  • Industry / Niche
  • Technology
  • Business Departments / Job title
  • Already using a competitor product /service.

Customer Journey

What are you offering? What problem can you solve?

Ensure you understand your potential customers pain points and their customer journey for success. 

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