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Password Protection Checklist

Password Protection Checklist 23

Protect data with password protection on all your devices, laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones. These devices enable access to essential data and passwords can prevent unauthorised users accessing those devices.

These important devices that are used to aid business can hold business-critical data that you need to protect.

Passwords protect your data from unauthorised users like cybercriminals. Everything from your phone security to computer malware.

Password Protection Checklist

Password Protection Checklist 24


Turn on a screen lock password, PIN, fingerprint or face unlock and any other authentication methods.

Password Protection Checklist 24

Thinking Passphrases over Passwords

When creating a passwords think about creating long passwords based on rememberable phrases over short complex passwords.

Password Protection Checklist 24

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA

2FA requires two different methods to ‘prove’ your identity before you get granted access.

When setting up your 2FA, you should use 2FA applications over SMS/Text based systems.

Password Protection Checklist 24

Setting Passwords

Passwords should be easy to remember including a number and symbol.

Avoid using the most common passwords

Password Protection Checklist 24

Password Manager

Password manager an online tool that creates and stores passwords only accessable via a ‘master’ password.

Password Protection Checklist 24

Password Changes

Update and change passwords when you suspect an account has been compromised.

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