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Phone Security Checklist

Phone Security Checklist 63

Phone security is so important now we process and store large amounts of personal and business digital data on them.

Mobile phones are now an essential part of modern day business. It’s easy to forget it is essentially a pocket-sized computer and  just like laptops can connect to the Internet. Meaning they are at risk of a cyberattack and Malware.

Phone Security Checklist

Phone Security Checklist 64

Password Protection

Activate password protection, PIN, fingerprint or face unlock.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Activate Tracking

Make sure if lost or stolen device can be tracked.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Remote Security Apps

There are a number of apps which allows you to secure your phone if lost or stolen.

Lock access to stop anyone using it.
Remotely erase the data stored.
Retrieve a backup of data stored on the device.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Phone Updates

Operating system updates, critical Security Updates keep the device protected from known security vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems to gain access to outdated phones.

Phone Security Checklist 64

App Updates

Patch any security holes that have been discovered.

Phone Security Checklist 64

App Downloads

Download apps from the official app stores and check reviews.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Don’t connect to unknown or public Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Use your mobile 3G / 4G mobile network, which has built-in security.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPN encrypts data before it is sent across the Internet.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Anti-Virus Software

Protect against viruses and hacking attempts.

Help keep your phone free from malware, and prevent you becoming a victim to phishing attacks.

Phone Security Checklist 64

Do not jailbreak or root your phone

This removes the protection from Apple and Google.

Phone Security Checklist 64


Encrypting scrambles all files..

Phone Security Checklist 64

Access Permissions

Review your access permissions. What data are you allowing the app to access?

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