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Payroll Year End Checklist

Payroll Year End Checklist 9

Payroll Year End there are a number of things that your business needs to complete before submitting to HMRC.


Key Dates to Remember:

  • 5th April Tax year ends
  • 6th April New tax year
  • 19th April Final submission deadline
  • 31 May Employees receive their P60s
  • 6 July Deadline to submit your P11D expenses and benefit
  • 19 July Class 1A National Insurance contributions with HMRC

Payroll Year End Checklist

Payroll Ends

Does payroll end on week 52 or do you have a week 53 due to leap year?


Employees working on the final day of the tax year, 5 April, will need to receive a P60 by 31 May.


Has anyone left the business?

Process before submitting

  • Full Payment Submission (FPS)
  • Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

Final FPS: Full Payment Submission

Processed the final payroll

EPS: Employer Payment Summary

If required to reclaim  EPS

Reclaim statutory maternity, paternity payments

Employment Allowance

National Insurance contributions holiday

Apprenticeship Levy

Process Year End

Process year end then make your final submission for the tax year.

By 5th April. 

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