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Payroll System Checklist

Payroll System Checklist 16

Payroll system to document and store everything you need.

Are you using a bookkeeper or accountant to run your payroll or will you be doing it in house? Employees are usually paid either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Comply with all employment and payroll legislation.
Make sure within minimum wage legislation and end-of-year reporting.requirements.

Payroll System Checklist

Employment Documentation

Employee Details

Name, address and National Insurance number

Payment Details

Bank account details so can pay employee directly on a set date each month.

Salary Information

Salary details including amounts and dates of payments.

Tax Details

Tax codes and returns

Sick Days and Holidays

Details of sick days and holiday entitlement and time used.

Company Benefits

Pension, healthcare and bonuses

Maternity and Paternity

Maternity and paternity leave.

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