Quality of Product/Service Checklist

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Quality of Product/Service Checklist

Quality of Product/Service refers to the perception of how it meets expectations. Quality means nothing unless related to a specific function or goal being achieved.

Quality of Product is one that exceeds customer expectations resulting in complete satisfaction. 

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We must remember that quality is more than just a good product / service but can be defined by many different things. Its overall performance, results and customer service link to that feeling of quality.

Consider your whole customer journey in your market research to make sure you are producing the best you can offer.

Quality of Product/Service Checklist


How long will the impact from the product / service last?


Results – How quickly will it return the intended results?


How well does the product or service address the customer’s pain points or challenges?


Gaining confidence and loyalty of customers.

People trust recommendations especially when they come from friends and family.


Exceeds the standard

Results “above and beyond.” expectations

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