Sales Person Checklist to Help Improve Sales

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Sales Person Checklist to Help Improve Sales

Sales person must ask effective, open-ended questions to improve the potential for sales. Getting customers talking can help reveal pain points with a current product or service. This information could be key to turning them into new customers for your business.

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Every conversation a sales person has should be about gaining insights. Don’t waste an opportunity when you get a chance to speak to a potential customer. Identify the best open-ended questions that can give you the best insights into how your product or service could be a better fit or solution to their problem and improve sales.

A sales person key role is to listen carefully for anything a customer says that could help with the sales process. Uncovering pain points and then effectively illustrating how your product/service can help alleviate these problems is key to increasing sales. Identifying how you can help increase productivity and thus increase the bottom line and profitability can be a strong persuader.

This checklist can help guide a sales team in methods that can help uncover business objections, pain points and goals and how your product/service fits in the bigger picture for their business growth.

Sales Person Checklist to Help Improve Sales

Current Service or Product

What do they dislike about current solution and provider?

This information is critical if you want to convince the customer to switch from their current supplier.

Sales person must listen closely to understand pain points and how you can offer a better solution. Discovering these pain points can help you explain how you offer the solution that can eliminate this frustration with a current supplier or the product.

Customer objections for change?

What is stopping them from buying from you? What are their concerns?

If you identify a sense of hesitation from the customer ask why they are hesitate for change? This gives the information to start working to overcome those objections.

Build a rapport

Understand the business and where the company wants to go in the future. What are they most excited about in the coming year for business growth and expansion? Identify their priorities for the business development.

Understand how your product/service will help customers achieve their business goals faster and more effectively. If you can show how the product/service could be an essential way of reaching these business goals, they will eager to make the purchase.

If you are not speaking with the owner find out what the person is passionate about at work

Identify the decision-maker

Is the person you are speaking to able to make a decision to purchase your product/ service? Building a rapport with other team members isn’t bad as they may have some influence on the person who is in the position to make the purchase but time is valuable to everyone so identify as early as possible.

Who can make the final decision about the purchase?

Customer’s pain points

What are biggest challenges right now? Discover customer’s pain points and explain how effectively your product/service can eliminate those pain points. How taking action to overcome these business challenges.

Business Priorities

Listen for the customer’s business goals and see how your product / service aligns with those goals.

Will your product/service effectively help the customer reach their business goals?

Business profit goals

Increased profit is always a central goal for any business.

What are the customer’s barriers to greater profitability?How can you product/service help them be more profitable?

These need to be tailored to the situation and product or service you are trying to sell.

You know your business best; you have experience in closing deals faster with the most benefit to your customers. Why not share that knowledge with your sales team to help them increase sales?

Checklists enable you to document your tacit knowledge and create a sales process that will increase sales

Make your sales team more successful by using Sales Productivity Secrets to guide every sale in the best possible way to achieve the best possible results.

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