How Technology Can Improve Productivity

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How Technology Can Improve Productivity

Improve productivity used to be all about paper-based diaries, Filofax and schedules, post-it notes, notebooks and as times have moved on spreadsheets.

With the ever-growing evolution of technology, productivity has increased. The ability to store documents in one accessible location, smart to-do lists, calendars and reminders all within our computers and even in the palms of our hands these days.

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How does technology affect productivity?

The key to productivity is to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

We all want to achieve as much as, if not more than possible, But being more productive isn’t rocket science it’s is about utilising technology that offers solutions to your problems while not losing sight of that personal productivity element.

There are many apps and software that can help you achieve more in less time.

Examples: Trello, Google Drive, Monday, Asana, IFTTT, Salesforce, Evernote, teamwork and many more

Factors that can increase productivity?

There are many factors that influence how productive our days can be. With the combination of technology and goals to change the way, we will deal with tasks.

We all develop bad habits in the workplace choosing to be reactive rather than proactive as defined in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Why spend your time putting out fires instead of making great progress toward business goals. Be proactive, plan in advance to deal with situations.

It’s impossible to be productive if you’re not in control so take control to be proactive. Plan when, where and how you’ll react to business tasks. Document processes and procedures which everyone can follow in every aspect of the business.

Delegation and allocation of tasks

The key to delegation is to assign the right task to the right person for the best results.

Delegation can be difficult because you have to put trust in someone else to complete potentially important tasks.

The problem with delegation is the feeling of having to do even more work because you must supervise the person you have assigned the task to. Wanting the task completed to your satisfaction on top of your own work turns into micromanaging, then delegating.

Complete single-tasks perfectly

The human brain isn’t designed to multitask as research by the American Psychological Association has revealed.

“Doing more than one task at a time, especially more than one complex task, takes a toll on productivity.”

Generally, people are proud of their multitasking skills but in fact, it may seem efficient but in reality, it actually consumes more time and involve many more errors.

The easiest way to boost productivity is simply by focusing on just one task at a time and doing it perfectly. Create a to do list or checklist to allow you to focus your tasks individually.

Chopping and changing between multiple tasks limits your ability to focus, and depletes your working memory and drastically increases stress and mental exhaustion. Higher productivity demands better focus.

Organisation and planning provides focus

The organisation of time and task management is an invaluable way of increasing productivity.

Identifying tasks and documenting in a business to do list keeps focusing on what you need to achieve and stops wasting time at the start of the day working out where to start. Half the work is done once you write it on a checklist because you have cleared your mind and identified the best order to work in.

Checklists provide focus and offer a great feeling of satisfaction when you tick things off that you’ve accomplished.

Communication equals better performance

Happy people are more productive so give positive feedback or a thumbs up to share your pleasure in their success.

Providing support to team members while listening to ideas and recommendations to improve productivity.

Share optimism for success and explain how you’re expecting great outcomes.

Checklists improve productivity

The solution is simple, work smarter, get the right person doing the job, reduce mistakes being made, task management while working efficiently.

Avoid over-committing one person by delegating without worry. Create a step by step process for the task you need completing breaking into achievable steps which can be assigned to the best person.

Continuity planning and consistency, document everything so all the information needed to perform that task exactly the same way every time is there as a guide. Laying out the best possible way a task should be performed and documented in a checklist.

Constantly assess your priorities and achievements. Manage team workflows and progress, analyse things that could’ve been done differently and more effectively. Schedule repetitive tasks to appear at a certain time, dates, in a certain order so never missed and trigger different tasks dependant on the results of a previous task.

Monitoring and setting out the process and everyone’s role within that process enables you to get more done each day and enjoy what you do more!

Work smarter to achieve your business goals! Try Checkify today to improve productivity.

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