Setting Up Ltd Company Documents Checklist

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Setting Up Ltd Company Documents Checklist

Setting up Ltd company that requires formal documentation and forms submitted to companies house who is responsible for all limited company registration in the UK and registering with HMRC for Tax.

The limited company incorporation process requires the submission of a number of documents. and comes with limited company tax responsibilities.

The registration process can either be completed by yourself, an accountant or a formation company.

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Choose which type of limited company to set up the two main choices private limited companies (LTDs) or public limited companies (PLCs) small businesses will opt for a Private Limited Company.

Deciding on your name can be difficult as your company name has to be completely unique.

Now it’s time to formally register that you are a limited company by submitting the documents below.

Setting Up Ltd Company Documents Checklist

Formal documentation and forms must be submitted.
Memorandum of Association

This explains to everyone why you’ve set up the company, and how you plan to run it.Limited company name, location, business type.

Form 10

Director’s names, addresses and registered limited company address.

Form 12

States the limited company complies with terms and conditions of the Companies Act.

Articles of Association

Outlines director’s powers, shareholder rights etc.

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