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Baby Travel Checklist

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Baby Travel Checklist

Baby travel essentials checklist for travelling with a baby or Infant. Give you some ideas of what to pack for your travels.

Different considerations for flying long haul to flying short-haul.

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Pack as light as possible for your hand baggage. Find out if your airline allows your infants their own allowance of a small nappy/diaper bag.

Our Baby travel checklist is here to help you remember the items you and your baby shouldn’t go on holiday without..

Baby Travel Checklist

Baby Essentials Travel checklist
Passport, Visa and Insurance

We all need documents to travel.

Check you have all of them travel document checklist.


Lightweight collapsible pram/stroller/buggy.

Car Seat

Essential for safe travel. Will take your own or rent with a car hire company?

Travel Cot

Does the accommodation supply a cot? Do you need to take one?

Baby Monitor

Help to give peace of mind.


Pack plenty of nappies for the journey or full trip and consider packing swim nappies.

Also consider nappy rash cream, nappy bags and wipes.


Expressed breastmilk or Formula.

Bottles, teats, sterilising equipment and a bottle warmer.


See if you can pre-order baby meals.

Pack some jars of food, homemade or ready-prepared. Snacks


Take enough for your whole trip.

Calpol and Ibuprofen sachets

Keep doctors, specialist contact details for any emergencies.

Larger than 100ml can be brought on board but need a doctor’s letter and prior approval from the airline.


Changing mat, Baby wash, shampoo and lotion.

Sunscreen, Sun Hat and Tent

Suitable SPF (sun protection factor)and effective against UVA and UVB.

Wide enough to cover baby’s face and neck.

Change of Clothes

Prepare for accidents like sickness and diarrhea which may require a full change of clothes.

Baby Carrier / Sling

Getting about with baby easily.

First Aid Kit

Pack a Travel First Aid Kit for a variety of eventualities.

Also Emergency Numbers


Air conditioning can make your environment cold.


Helps keep boredom at bay.


If your baby uses one it can also be of help in relieving the pressure in their ears.

Mosquito Net and Insect Repellant

Protect delicate skins from bugs.

Adult Clothes

Don’t forget a change of clothes for you and your partner.


Favourite TV show or music/nursery rhymes.

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