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Barbeque Safety Checklist

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Barbeque Safety Checklist

Barbeque Safety is time for a BBQ the sun is out and it’s time to fire up the barbecue and enjoy cooking outdoors. Barbecues are involved in many accidents every year so it is important to try and do everything you can to prevent it from happening.

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This checklist is aimed to help protect you, your guests and your property from accidents.

Never use a BBQ indoors or on a balcony. Beware of the wind which can cause flare-up along with fats.

If you use a Gas BBQ instead of a charcoal barbeque we have created a safety checklist to help you with that.

Barbeque Safety Checklist

Help protect you, your guests and your property from accidents.
BBQ Repair

Check State of repair of BBQ.

Check if there are any missing screws, rusted areas or components missing.

Suitable Site

Level, sheltered and away from people and combustible material.

BBQ Cleanliness

Clean the grills of dust and dirty and particles of food as this can cause food poisioning.

Fire Safety

Fire extinguisher / Fire Blanket

Bucket of water / Garden Hose Nearby

First Aid Kit

Burns can easily occur while dealing with a barbeque so better to be prepared.

Potective Clothing

Apron can protect clothes from both splashes of oil and embers.

Consider heat-resistant barbecue gloves.

Meat Thermometer

Know the meat you are cooking is thoroughly cooked the whole way through to prevent food poisoning from undercooked meat.

Adequate Lighting

Make sure you can see what you are doing and see dangers.

Food Preperation

Prep Area for both raw and cooked foods to stop any cross contamination.

Wipes Hands

Method to wipe hand of raw juices.

Anti-bacterial wipes.


Well ventilated area – carbon monoxide

Don’t put yourself and others at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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