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Gas BBQ Safety Checklist

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Gas BBQ Safety Checklist

The sun is shining, so it is time to get out the BBQ again. Before you do, though, it would be wise to take a moment or two to think about Gas BBQ Safety. So, take care when you are having fun in the sun. This checklist gives you safety tips to help make your summer barbecue season a safe one.

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Gas BBQ Safety Checklist

Gas BBQ safety tips to help make your summer barbecue be a safe one
Check For Gas Leaks

Simple way soapy water and check for bubbles.

Gas Pipe

Look for cracking, stretching or other wear.

Gas Regulator

Regulating pressure of the gas from the cylinder check clean, undamaged and expiry date.

Gas Cylinder

Check for damaged or rusty.

Correct Gas

Generally two types of gas for gas BBQ: Butane or Propane

Gas Levels

Don’t run out of gas halfway through your BBQ.

Clean and Grease Free

Old build up of grease can be a fire hazard and could be responsible for digestion issues.

Burner Holes Clean

Make sure the gas can evenly burn.

Fat Absorbers

Absorbs fat which drips through from the grills.

Fire extinguisher / Fire Blanket

Be prepared for emergencies.


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