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Arrange A Funeral Checklist

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Arrange A Funeral Checklist

Funeral offers a chance to say goodbye to a loved one but also a celebration of life.

What would a loved one have wanted?

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Once you have registered a death you will receive a burial/cremation Certificate which the funeral director will need.

It is a very difficult time but we hope this checklist can help you in the process.

Arrange A Funeral Checklist

Saying goodbye and a celebration of life
Funeral Plans

Has a detailed plan been already decided by the deceased?

Do they have a plan? Have they already planned and paid for the service? Any details set out in a will?

Documents and Information

Legal Certificates

  • Burial / Cremation Certificate
  • Full Name
  • Date and Place Birth
  • Date and Place Death
Burial or Cremation

This is personal preference and can be based on a number of factors like beliefs, budgets and preferences.

Once this decision is reached you need to decide on burial site or crematorium.


Short article that announces the death of a person.

Traditionally published in local or national newspapers.

Funeral Director

Chose a funeral director. Ask for quotes as they can be very expensive

  • Coffin/ Casket/ Urn
  • Hearse
  • Body Transfers
  • Flowers
  • Viewings
  • Directors Fees
  • Disbursements

Help carry the coffin from the hearse to the service and then to the rave if a burial.

Order of Service

Step-by-step outline of itinerary of the ceremony may include:

  • Hymns
  • Songs
  • Readings
  • Poems
  • Photographs

Eulogy is an opportunity to pay tribute to the person who has died.


Social gathering shortly after a the service a chance for the friends and family to share memories.

Organise a venue and decide on catering / drinks arrangements.

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