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Gas BBQ Checklist

Gas BBQ Checklist 35

Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to take your meals outside for that al fresco living. 

Nothing screams a perfect summer like a big barbecue with friends and family. But has your gas BBQ been packed away all winter and just been uncovered for your first event?

This gas BBQ Checklist has everything you need to make your party enjoyable as well as safe.

Gas BBQ Checklist

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Check Gas BBQ Safety

Check Gas BBQ Safety for gas leaks, Gas Pipes, Cylinder and Regulator

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Check General Safety

Anything broken, burner holes clear, and all the parts present and in working order.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36


 Grease and fat buildup can cause flare-ups.

Not just a fire hazard but also think digestion issues.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Correct Gas and Levels

There are two types of LPG (Liqueified Petroleum Gas) – Butane and Propane.

You dont want to run out. Make sure the gas taps are turned off before changing the bottle and you do this in open air.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Flat Surface

Check stablity before you light it.

Set up your barbecue on flat ground so the BBQ won’t topple over.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36


Place away from anything flamable. Keep away from the house and other buildings, not underneath tree branches.

Check what is underneath for anything that can catch fire, including dry grass and wooden decking, that might be a fire hazard.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Keep Children Away

Move any games away from the BBQ area.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Don't Put Too Much Food On

Don’t pile up too much food, especially fatty foods.The fat dripping down can cause a flare-up.

Also you want to make sure everything is cooked well so avoiding food poisoning.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Never Leave Unattended

 Things can get out of control very quickly. A flareup and fire but even worse inquisitive children trying to help.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Personal Safety

Think heat proof gloves, aprons and be careful with loose clothing and hair.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Gas BBQ Goes Out

Flame goes out, wait at least five minutes before relighting. Gas can build up and that gas can cause a flash of flame if you relight too soon.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Tools and Utensils

Long handled spatula, tongs and fork to enable you to be at a safe distance from the heat.

Meat Thermometer.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Cross Contamination

Prep area – Make sure cooked and non cooked foods are kept seperatly. Different plates and utensils available.

Method to wipe hands of raw juices.

Gas BBQ Checklist 36

Fire And Emergency

Fire extinguisher / Fire Blanket nearby to contain a fire quickly.

Fire Aid Kit

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