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Getting House Ready To Sell Checklist

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Getting House Ready To Sell Checklist

Getting house ready to sell and wanting to attract potential buyers. Planning on putting your home on the market then you need to make it the best it can be to get that house sale. Make sure it’s looking its best.

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People do judge a book by its cover, sad but true, so make sure your “book cover” is the best it can be. Curb appeal and exterior of the property is so important because this is the first impression people have of your home and need to be excited about going inside.

There are many things to think about when you are getting the house ready to sell, the best thing you can do for the marketing and viewings is to depersonalise and declutter. 

You need to sell the dream lifestyle.

Getting House Ready To Sell Checklist

Want to attract potential buyers
Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a great first impression

Attractive exterior as viewed from the street is so important, like garden, maintenance, painting.


Decluttering can help show the space you have whereas clutter make rooms look cramped.

Removing big items can make the room look even bigger.


Removing your personal items and you personality from the house so that potential buyers can mentally see themselves living there.

Remove all personal items like photos, knick-knacks.


Vibrant funky colours are not to everyone’s taste and buyers need to see how they could live in your house and make it their home.

Dated, faded, damaged paintwork can make people think lots of work ahead.

Defined Purpose

Each room needs to show what it is

Has the spare bedroom become a dumping ground turn it back into a room that someone can actually sleep in.

Repair and Maintenance

Things need repairing get it done. Neglected maintenance will be off putting.

Get everything up to scratch and sale-ready.

Clean and Tidy

Dirty and messy houses dont attract buyers, no matter how attractive the property proportion might be.

Clear surfaces, windows and clean everything.

Stage Your Home

Preparing for potential buyer, or “staging” as it’s called, is important. Think 5 star hotel everything in its place, clear, clean and tidy.

Turn the heating up so feels nice and warm. Does your house smell nice? Think fresh cooked bread and freshly-brewed coffee.

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