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Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

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Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

Dogs Cooling can be difficult. Dogs are our beloved companions and keeping them cool during hot weather is important for their well-being. Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat and instead pant to cool themselves down. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist to help you keep your furry friend cool this summer!

Most dogs struggle to regulate their body temperature in hot weather, so it’s important to be aware of signs of dehydration and heatstroke. These can include excessive panting, dribbling, collapse, and loss of energy. If you notice any of these signs, take action right away to help your dog cool down and prevent further complications.

One way to help your dog stay cool is by offering them plenty of fresh water to drink. You can also provide them with a shady area to rest in or a cooling mat to lay on. If it’s sweltering outside, consider using a fan or air conditioning to help lower the temperature.

We have created a keeping dogs cool checklist to help give you ideas on how to keep you dog cool and stop dehydration. In extreme heat, you can also wrap your dog in wet towels or give them tepid water to help reduce their body temperature gradually.

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Don’t forget to keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour and activity level – if they seem overly tired or lethargic, it may be a sign that they’re too hot.

Remember, our furry friends rely on us to care for them, and keeping them cool and comfortable during hot weather is an important part of that. We can help our dogs stay happy and healthy all summer with some simple steps to keep them cool and prevent dehydration!

Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

Dogs find it difficult keep themselves cool.
Cool Place

Cool shady spot preferably with a draught or creat a cool shade using sunshades.

Fresh Water

Access to large bowl of clean water at all times.

Also carry water with you on walks with a collapsible water bowl.Pop ice cubes in water bowls.

Ice Cubes

Make cooling tasty treats in ice cubes or stuff a Kong and pop it in the freezer.

Wet Coat

Wet their coat with tepid cool water. Especially under forlegs (armpits) and pads.

Cooling Mats

If you dont have a cooling mat try a wet towel to lay on.

Paddling Pool

Access to a paddling pool with shallow, cool water in the shade.

Walks Cooler Times

Only walk at cooler times of the day, either first thing in the morning or evening.No dog has died from missing a walk but dogs have died from one walk in the heat.

Dogs’ Paws

Paw pads can burn on hot surfaces so check using your own hand. If its too hot for you its too hot for them to walk on.

Dogs Cooling

Our dogs are more than just pets – they’re beloved members of our families who bring us joy and companionship every day. That’s why it’s so important to take good care of them, especially during hot weather when they’re at risk of overheating.

By following the tips in our checklist and being aware of the signs of dehydration and heatstroke, we can help keep our furry friends cool and comfortable all summer long. And if we do notice any signs of distress, we can take action right away to help our dogs cool down and prevent any further complications.

If you have any worries contact your vet immediately.

So let’s ensure we’re doing everything possible to keep our dogs happy and healthy, no matter what the weather brings. With a little bit of care and attention, we can help ensure that our furry friends stay cool, comfortable, and happy – because they deserve nothing less!

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