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Something Old Something New Checklist

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Something Old Something New Checklist

Something old something new a traditional wedding rhythm that tells what a bride should wear on her wedding day to bring good luck to her future marriage.

These four good-luck objects were part of a superstition that you need them included in your big day to have a happy marriage, prosperous future with healthy children.

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Brides have been following this custom for centuries. But why?

Something Old Something New Checklist

Traditional wedding rhythm that tells what a bride should wear on her wedding day
Something Old

Traditional: Continuity and Protect future children.

What a great reason to wear something sentimental.

Something New

Tradition: Optimism for the future

Marriage is “something new” entering into a new chapter in life and getting a new husband

The wedding dress is often referred to as something new.

Something Borrowed

Tradition: Good luck and borrowed happiness

Borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative ensures some of their good fortunes rubs off on your marriage.

Something Blue

Tradition: Blue stands for love, purity and fidelity.

A Blue Garter has been a long traditional item for something blue old due to the old custom of plucking off the garter of the bride.

A sixpence in her shoe

Tradition: Prosperity and good fortune

The final line “and a sixpence in her shoe” an old silver British coin is a later Victorian addition and should be worn in the brides left shoe.

History Something old something new

The first recounted version is in 1898 a compilation of English folklore then included as part of a short story in the St James’ Magazine in 1871. Then the so-called Lancashire version in an 1876 newspaper where it was reported a wedding where the bride wore items according to ancient customs.

And like most superstitions, it doesn’t entirely make sense.

It was believed the something blue and something old were to protect the bride against from the Evil Eye a curse passed from a malicious glare that could make the bride infertile.

The something borrowed should be from an already happy Bride to transfer their luck onto the new marriage. Also believing it to ward off the evil eye of spurned suitors glare which could leave the women barren.

Traditionally the borrowed would be undergarments of a woman who already had children this was believed to trick the Evil Eye into thinking the bride was already fertile, and break any curses.

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