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Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 31

Nuclear radiation is a scary potentially devastating scariano for everyone and lets hope its something we don’t need to deal with.

Nuclear energy is the energy held in the nucleus, or core of an atom. Both nuclear power plant and nuclear bombs use the power  from a nuclear reaction.

Recent success of the TV series Chernobyl on the story of the nuclear power plant in Russia (1986) has highlighted how dangerous and deadly nuclear is. Chernobyl has tried to explain the mistakes made and how many people’s lives  have been affected with radiation poisoning and the devastation to the environment. Also pointed out how far nuclear particles had travelled from Chernobyl as they were found in several European countries.

Nuclear bombs used in war can vary in size so can have varying  blast reach. You need to be away from from the initial Fireball, if you survive the fireball and shock wave, now you have to avoid the nuclear radiation from the fallout. Nuclear fallout is the residual radioactive material spread but would depend on size of the weapon. 

There are some steps you could take to help protect yourself in the first hours after a nuclear attack so we have put together a checklist. Top priority is get away from the explosion, and hide from radioactive materials.

Preppers get your bug out bag and head to your nuclear bunkers and relax as you are ready and know how to survive a nuclear attack.

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32

Nuclear Explosion

Open mouth to protect your eardrums from bursting due to pressure.

Divert eyes from the bright light.

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32

Avoid Outside

You’re going to want to avoid being outside. Cover your mouth and nose with fabric and close your eyes.

You have 15 to 20 minutes before the fallout starts. Which way is the wind blowing? Winds can carry the radiation

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32

Find Shelter

Get away and hidden from radioactive materials if possible underground.

Get as far underground as possible, or the centre large building so to put as much heavier and dense solid materials  between you and the radioactive materials outside.

Glass and most metals won’t provide you much protection.

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32

Remove Outer Clothes

If you have been outside remember to remove outside clothing including shoes and seal in a bag once you found a safe place. 

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32


Take a shower as soon as possible to wash particles from your body.

Use soap, and shampoo but no conditioner as can seal particles in.

Survive Nuclear Radiation Checklist 32


Fallout is relatively short-lived and the worst is in the first 24 hours after the nuclear blast.

Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat in the first two weeks.

Notes: Some things I read while doing my research which i never knew and wanted to share.

You should wear white clothes because bright colours reflect more nuclear radiation. Wow

Also the thickness of materials to take shelter in to protect yourself from most of radiation:
Brick/ Concrete: 16 inches / 41cms
Steel: 5 inches / 13cms
Earth: 2 feet / 60cms
Water: 3 feet / 92cms

I never knew that 🙂 Louise ChecklistFairy

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