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Preppers Checklist

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Preppers Checklist

Preppers or survivalists actively prepare for emergencies. Building up and stockpiling provisions and making detailed plans for living beyond the apocalypse. You can’t predict when an emergency will happen, so better to be ready.

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Planning and preparing how to survive the various end of the world scenarios and impending disasters​, from natural disasters like hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunami and the things like civil unrest, flu pandemics, nuclear disaster and much more.

Preppers Checklist

Are you actively prepare for emergencies?
Stockpile Food

Long shelf life foods like tins, dried food, dehydrated food

Store in cool, dry, vermin-free place to prevent spoilage.

Water and Hydration

Stockpile fresh, clean drinkable water

Filtration system and water storage system.


Minimum of two changes of clothes to ensure a dry set is available to wear.

Warm clothes, socks, hats, gloves, thermals, waterproof coats, boots.

Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Bug Out Bag is portable kit bag you grab when leaving your home in a disaster.

Usually containing items you need to survive for 72 hours.

First Aid Kit

Important part of any emergency survival kit and invaluable for any emergency situation.

First Aid – Plasters, bandages, tape, antiseptic cream, pain-relief, antiseptic wipes, tourniquet, antihistamine.Basic equipment -scissors, safety pins , tweezers

Bedding and Shelter

Blankets, sleep bags, thermal survival blankets and roll mat.

Tents, bivvy, survival blanket.

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