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Tenants Moving House Checklist

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Tenants Moving House Checklist

Tenants moving house means a few extra tasks. It’s exciting to be moving can be a little stressful.

It’s not about just packing boxes but a number of things that need to be done before you hand back the keys. The property needs to be handed back in a good state of repair.

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Remember to cancel any direct payments with your bank to pay your rent.

At the end of this process, the last point will be getting back your deposit money from the Landlord once the property has been inspected.

Tenants Moving House Checklist

A number of things that need to be done before you hand back the keys
Review Agreement

Assess lease agreement. Every rental agreement and landlord have slight varying rules.

How to end your lease? What maintenance needs doing?

Move Out Notice

How much moving out notice required and how quickly you will be able to sign a new agreement with a new landlord.

Most tenants it is around the 30-day figure. Remember to send notice to your landlord at least five weeks before you plan on moving out.

Repair Damage

Repair any damage. Tenants are legally obliged to leave the property in the same condition as when moved in.

Pay Bills

Utility bills like gas, electricity and water, and all other bills must be paid before your moving date.

Clean and Tidy

Thoroughly clean the entire property leaving spotless when you hand the keys back.

Every room needs to be immaculate, like walls, windows, doors and every component in the kitchen needs to be cleaned.


The day before your big move pack final items.


Organise removals help or companies ahead of your moving date.


Organising storage before moving date to ensure unit is available before you move out.

Change of Address

Change address on all essential documents.

Tax, Banks, Insurances, Cars, Driving Licence, Doctors…

If you already own a home and looking to move house take a look at our getting house ready to sell checklist to help attract potential buyers.

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