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Veganuary Checklist

Veganuary Checklist 11

Veganuary encourages people try being a vegan for the month of January. 

Veganuary was established back in 2014 to promote and educate people how beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be for animals, health and the environment. 

Veganism is a lifestyle where you exclude items of food or any form of animal derived products. Example: Meat, Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Honey, Yoghurts.

There are now many alternatives available from fake meats, plantbased milks, even soya, nut or coconut cheeses and you just need to find your favourite.

Look out for the vegan society mark to verify its vegan safe and look for the cruelty free marks to confirm nothing is tested on animals.

You dont need to do it all at once, take it slow and at your own pace. Keep your end goal in mind and dont beat yourself up if you get something wrong.

Don’t give up! You can do this!

Veganuary Checklist

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vegan Alternatives

Replace meat items with a plantbased alternative for your first steps. The shops now offer a huge selection of replacement options.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Read Labels

You will be shocked how many foods contain animal derived products. Milk in crisps, gelatin in alcohol, milk in some dark chocolates.

A new skill you will need to learn is label reading. 

Veganuary Checklist 12

Hidden Non Vegan Ingredients

You will be surprised how many things have ingredients you have never heard of but made from animals.

List of hidden non-vegan ingredients found in your food.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Not Just Food

Think about all the other products your use. Like makeup, skincare, washing & cleaning products, and even your clothes you will be shocked where animal products can be found.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vegan Treats

You dont need to give up everything. There are many items that are vegan from dark chocolate, ice- cream and buscuits to name but a few.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vegan Alcohol

Yes you guessed it they add many animal derived products to alcohol.

Fish bladders, gelatine, egg whites, sea shells to name but a few.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vegan Mark & Cruetly Free

Look out for the vegan certified sign or many supermarkets are now visibilably identifying products suitable.

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vegan Apps

Vegan apps can help you identify vegan friendly food and restaurants.

Example: Happy Cow, Vanilla Bean, Is It Vegan?, Barnivore

Veganuary Checklist 12

Vitamin B12 Supplement

Only reliable vegan sources of B12 is eating  fortified foods or  a supplement.

Becoming Vegan is great to help the environment why not think about incorporating a Plastic Free lifestyle shopping and recycling.

Thinking about the summer look at our Vegan BBQ checklist to give you ideas.

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