BBQ Safety Checklist

BBQ Safety Checklist

Advice to avoid injuries, damage to property and accidents.

BBQ Safety Checklist

Check nothing is broken. Is your BBQ safe?

Level, sheltered and away from people and combustible material.

Build up of old fat can be a fire hazard as well as a health hazard.

Be prepared for emergency situations.

Have water close by and easy accesible.

Keep a bucket of water, sand or a garden hose nearby for emergencies

Be prepared for burns

Proetct your clothes and skin from splashs.

Protect your hands from heat and flames.

Meat fats can cause flames

Make sure your emat is cooked the whole way through to help avoid food poisoning.

Make sure you can see what is happening.

Raw and Cooked Foods

Cleaning hands method to wipe hands of raw juices.

Clean surfaces of raw meat and fish juices.

Carbon Monoxide

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