Holiday Travel Checklist

Holiday Travel Checklist

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your holiday travel or all of the business travel documents you need.

Holiday Travel

Check passport is valid and find out whether you require a visa.

Some travel requires a 6 month validity from your return date.

Detailed travel Itinerary helps you plan your time and visits to make sure you dont miss a thing.

Flights, ferry tickets, parking, car hire, train tickets, hotel, excersions, taxi

Cash, travel cheques / Travel Money Card or credit cards.

Have you made credit card company or bank aware where you are travelling.

Make sure you have cover you the activities you are likely to do, including snow sports or water sports.

Travel Documents, Passport numbers, emergency phone numbers, insurance details, travel money

Also leave a copy at home with a person your trust.

Know who, and how you can contact people in case of emergency.

Be aware where your embassy or consulate is based.

Find out which vaccines you need for your holiday.

Check with your service provider to make sure your phone works abroad and what is your data allowance.

Make sure your licence is current and valid in the country you are visiting and be aware of the driving laws in that country.

Turn on tracking on your phone for added safety. Check in regularly.

Look after drinks.

Agree meeting place if you get split up.

Travel First aid is important to be prepared.

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