Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

Dogs don't sweat they pant to keep themselves cool.
Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

Keeping Dog Cool can be difficult because dogs don’t sweat they pant to keep themselves cool. We have created this checklist to give you ways to help your dog stay cool this summer.

Mans best friend. Whether fluffy or sleek, most dogs struggle in hot weather and keeping themselves cool.

Beware for signs of dehydration in dogs and heatstroke which can include collapse, excessive panting, dribbling. and loss of energy.

In extreme heat give tepid water and wrap in tepid water wet towels to reduce heat gradually.

Keeping Dogs Cool Checklist

Cool shady spot preferably with a draught or creat a cool shade using sunshades.

Access to large bowl of clean water at all times.

Also carry water with you on walks with a collapsible water bowl.Pop ice cubes in water bowls.

Make cooling tasty treats in ice cubes or stuff a Kong and pop it in the freezer.

Wet their coat with tepid cool water. Especially under forlegs (armpits) and pads.

If you dont have a cooling mat try a wet towel to lay on.

Access to a paddling pool with shallow, cool water in the shade.

Only walk at cooler times of the day, either first thing in the morning or evening.
No dog has died from missing a walk but dogs have died from one walk in the heat.

Paw pads can burn on hot surfaces so check using your own hand. If its too hot for you its too hot for them to walk on.

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