Plastic Free Lifestyle Checklist

How can you start to live without plastic? Wondering how to get started?
Plastic Free Lifestyle Checklist

Plastic Free is now necessity as we have all seen the shocking truth about plastic pollution. How can you start to live without plastic?  Wondering how to get started?

Recycling is great, but it still uses lots of energy, water and other resources so we need to aim is to ‘reduce and reuse’

Paper, cardboard, and glass can in theory be recycled indefinitely so we need to be thoughtful on our choices but hoping this checklist can help you move to a more plastic free lifestyle. Together we can reduce plastic!

Plastic Free Checklist

Aluminium and other metals are important to recycle as it takes nearly 20 times as much energy to make a new can than it does to make one from recycled products.

Glass can be recycled over and over again and never loses its integrity. Glass unlike plastic, does not contain any harmful chemicals so nothing can leach into the food.

Carry them in your handbag, pockets, in the glove box of car.Never be without a bag.

Most convenience food come in black plastic food packaging which is very rarely recycled as it cannot be identified by automatic sorting machines.

ruit and vegetables come with there own natural wrapping they dont need to be coated in plastic.

Think about using soap to wash with.
Women personal products think menstrual cups to save on plastic.

So many coffee cups are disposed of everyday and not recycled. Besides the plastic lid, plastic straw, the paper cups itself is lined with a plastic coating.

Give up bottled water. Thousands of bottles of water are sold a year.
Its not just about plastic here but think of the resources are used to extract, bottle, and then ship water that is available from a tap plastic FREE.

Avoid plastic cutlery, Straws, cling wrap, Teabags, Chewing Gum, Glitter and plastic earbuds.

soap nuts, natural mineral pellet eggs, borax.

There are plastic free shops popping up everywhere. Bring your own containers and refill.

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