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Best To Do List APP: For Business & Personal Use

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Best To Do List APP: For Business & Personal Use

Best to do list app to help you manage your tasks. To do lists can be a great help in both an office environment or just to remind you to buy a pint of milk.
Why is a to do list important? The primary reasons to use a to do list app is to get more organised, identify what you are supposed to be doing and get the pleasure of ticking off tasks when complete.
To-do lists can be as simple as a piece of paper and pen. They don’t need to be complicated but to-do lists and productivity apps, must fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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Best To Do List APPs

Dedicated to-do list apps which can be free or paid-for versions if extended features are required. These are the Best To Do List APPs available at the moment.

To Do List APPs


wunderlist - To-do List App

Now owned by Microsoft & called Microsoft To Do. Not just rebranded but a whole new do list app entirely.
(Officially shutting down May 6, 2020)

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do - To-Do List
(FREE) – Simple to use, adding tasks is quick, but like you would expect from Microsoft a lot of power below the surface. If you use Outlook you can sync tasks and Windows users can add tasks via Cortana or using the start menu. (Once upon a time this was Wunderlist)

Google Tasks

Google Task - To-Do List
(FREE): Basic and very simple. Quick to add if your use Gmail. You can add due dates to lists but that is it in a nutshell a very basic tool.


todoist - To-Do List
(FREE/Premium) – Powerful to do list but not the simplest to use but not so complicated as to overwhelm. Flexible so can adapt to most workflows.

Any. Do - To-Do List App
(FREE/Premium): “Plan my Day” forces you to schedule.


ticktick - to-do list app
(FREE/Premium): Adding tasks is quick.


Notion - To-Do List App
(FREE/Premium): A number of great tools for notes and Tasks. Build your own workspace.

Remember The Milk

remember the milk - to-do list app
(FREE/Premium): Get reminders anywhere on any device so you never forget to buy the milk again. Also useful for teams. Gmail add-on to add from the inbox and also add tasks using Alexa or Google Assistant.


checkify - to-do list app
(FREE/Premium): To-do list and Checklist. Create one off items, create recurring tasks, assign tasks, schedule tasks, guarantee the task is being completed in the correct order, increase accountability and reduce mistakes.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do - To-Do List App
(FREE) Microsoft To Do lists and task management.

What to look for in Best To Do List APP?

We all have different criteria for what makes an app great. When it comes to to-do lists we all need them to do different things. So the best To do list APP for one person isn’t necessarily the best for another.

If you are looking for an app for personal use or one to cater for your business requirements will need to offer very different features and abilities. Businesses generally need a more task management tool or workflow management tool.

Ideally organise anything with anyone, anywhere offering a better way to work together. Keep everyone focused.

  • Organise Tasks and Task Management – Must be quick and simple to add tasks. 
  • Reminders – Make sure you don’t miss an important task. 
  • Collaboration: Share lists, and assign tasks.
  • Productivity: Boost your productivity
  • Deadlines – Set due dates and add recurring tasks. Make it clear and obvious when something needs to be done by.
  • Delegation – Assign tasks and responsibilities. This enables you to get the right person doing the task.
  • Prioritising – Easily identify what you should be working on.
  • Easy To Use – Intuitive design. It needs to be easy to use and not overly complicated.
  • Integrations: Automate your workflows across 
  • Device Compatibility: Platform cross compatible take your to do list with you. It must easily sync between your mobile, laptop and desktop.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Know who is doing what and when. Know who is responsible for each task.
  • Tracking – Keep track of task progress, progression but also identify bottlenecks in processes.

Other Options for To-Do List

There are many dedicated to-do apps, but there are plenty of other types of software that has similar features to fulfil your todo list needs.

Finding the right task management system can be difficult because it’s needed to solve certain pain points and problems you have. The features can vary hugely so plenty of research is needed to make sure it’s the best fit for you and your business. Many offer FREE trials so you can see how it works for your business before any financial commitments.

Project Management Apps

These solutions offer a much-involved product but have the option to create to do list within the products.

Project Management Apps


trello -  Project Management Apps

List making app that organises projects into Kanban boards and collaboration tool.


asana - Project Management Apps

Manage tasks and projects.


clickup - project management app

Project and tasks management shared collaborative space.

Process Management and Task Management Apps

Business process management is about documenting how your business should run. Processes and tasks that are used daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. These can give a step by step guide on how to perform each task the best possible way every time. Stopping steps being skipped or forgotten.

  • Checkify: Business Team Checklists for process and task management.
    Great to manage a whole team or just handling your personal daily tasks.
    Designed to help manage tasks,  get you organised, achieve your goals and never let you forget a thing.
    Create online checklists for everyone to follow to get the best results every time.

Note-taking Apps

Keep track of things you want to remember and know it’s available at your fingertips.

Note-taking Apps


evernote - to-do list app

Capture ideas, organise projects and create to-do lists.

Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote - To-Do List App

The electronic version of a paper notebook.

Google Keep

Google Keep- To-Do List App

Note down what’s on your mind so you can be reminded later.

To do list and checklists can be a great way to form good habits, improve task organisation and increase productivity.

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