40 Awesome Business Management Software Tools

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40 Awesome Business Management Software Tools

Business Management Software tools and apps to make your processes more efficient, increase productivity and improve and automate business processes.

How can you get more time out of your busy day?

Business Management Software

Business management software can help with a variety of business tasks. From accounting, sales, customer service, conferencing and central document storage.

Potential to streamline processes and improve collaboration throughout the workplace.

Cloud services and SaaS offer amazing business tools to increase productivity and collaboration but also have the added benefit of not having to maintain software locally.

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Project, Task, and Process Management

Project, Task and Process management are great productivity tools for small businesses that help you getting things done.  Keeping all business information together helps increase productivity and achieve business goals. Collaborate seamlessly with your team and get work done with business management software tools.

Keeping people aware of what is happening at all times so nothing falls through the cracks and everyone knows what they need to do at any given moment.

Know what tasks are due soon, what is are overdue, how much someone has on their plate at any one time.

  • Monday.com: Project management – Manage team workload. Plan, run, and track workflow.
  • Asana : Project and Task Management – Focused on goals, projects, and tasks.
  • Teamwork: Project Management – Complete tasks in the most effective  way.
  • Basecamp: Project Management, work management and Communication – Combining  communication and project work in one place.
  • Wrike: Project Management – Managing projects and tasks
  • Jira: Project Management – Manage software development projects, plan, track, and manage your agile. 
  • CheckifyProcess and Task Management – Process and task management to manage workflow using Checklists to guide. 
  • Things: Task Management – Personal task management apple app.
  • ClickUp: Collaboration / Project Management – 
  • Tick TickTask ManagementTodo list, checklist and task manager app for Android
  • TrelloProject Management – Managing projects and personal tasks in a Kanban style
  • Todoist – Task Management – Plan, and collaborate on tasks and projects.
  • Notion: Collaboration – Task and Notes in a digital workspace.
  • Evernote: Task Management – Prioritize task, projects and to-do lists, so nothing is forgotten.


Automated workflows take the stress out of your workday, by actioning routine tasks automatically, stopping things from being missed so you can focus on important work.

  • Zapier: Workflow – Connect apps, automate workflows, and increase productivity. Multiple triggers and steps including actions, conditions and delays.
  • IFTTT: Workflow – Bring many different services together into Applets. One trigger and one action
  • Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow): Workflow -Create automated workflows to improve productivity with business process automation.

Communication and Conferencing

Communication is an essential part of the business management software toolbox. As many more people work from home (WRH) and businesses use more remote workers.

  • Slack: Communication – Real-time conversations with any team member.
  • Skype: Communication – Messaging, chat, video effective collaboration tool.
  • Facebook Workplace: Communication – Groups, Chat, Rooms.
  • Zoom: Video Conferencing – Video communications
  • Webex: Conferencing – Video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars
  • Google Meet: ( Google Hangouts) Communication  Video Conferencing – Desktop sharing and presentation.
  • Microsoft Teams: communication / collaboration – 
  • GoToMeeting: Conferencing – Online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing

Document Management

Documents are critical for business so their safety and accessibility are so important. There is no point in something being in a filing cabinet or on a colleague’s laptop sitting at home when it could be accessed from anywhere in one central depository.

  • Dropbox: File Management/File Sharing –  Bring team content together in a smart workspace.
  • Google DocsFile Management/File Sharing – Write, edit, share and collaborate wherever you are.
  • Quip: Document Sharing – Collaborative documents and spreadsheets.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing interactions with current and potential customers. CRM customer relationship management to maintain relationships, track sales leads, and marketing campaigns.

Customer service and interaction are great for customer satisfaction as well as potential sales. 

  • Salesforce: Sales CRM – Connect with customers, and potential customers.
  • Zendesk: Customer Service Software – Customer support platform and ticket system.
  • Drift: Chatbots – Marketing & sales tools.
  • Intercom: Chatbots – Customer messaging for sales, marketing, and support.
  • Help Scout: Customer Service / Chatbots -Customer service interaction
  • Help Crunch: Chatbots – Customer Support, Marketing & Sales.
  • Survey Monkey: Survey Tool – Understanding your customers. 
  • Mailchimp: Marketing – Marketing platform
  • Calendly: Diary – Scheduling appointments


Accounting software to keep track of your business financial situation.

  • Xero: Accounting – Automate business tasks, having up-to-date financials financial information on your business.
  • Quickbooks: Accounting – Real-time view of where your business stands.
  • Freshbooks: AccountingInvoice and Accounting
  • Sage: Accounting – Managing money, accounting, payroll and people.

There are so many different types of Business Management Software.

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