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Smart To-Do List – Task Management

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Smart To-Do List - Task Management

Smart To-Do List software and apps are a very simple concept but can help task management, increase productivity and a simple checklist can reduce mistakes.
To-do lists have been used for years and are a great way to remind you to buy a pint of milk as well as team task management. Task Management Software: Empower Teams to be More Productive.

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Smart To-Do List

Smart To-do lists enable you to quickly capture any task that you need to do in a central location to clear your mind freeing up space. Understanding how to use a to-do list remembering tasks is exhausting.
Perfect for the GTD getting things done enthusiast as you can apply the principles in to-do lists.

Smart To-Do List Software and Apps

There are many choices of smart To-Do list software available on the market which can help in task management.
The best to do list APP: For Business & Personal cloud-based task management applications.

Smart To-Do List


wunderlist - Smart To-do List App
Wunderlist one of the biggest names in the to-do list cloud-based task management arena is now owned by Microsoft. It has been renamed to be called Microsoft to do and under the umbrella of microsoft 365.


todoist - Smart To-Do List
Todoist is also a great choice for smart to-do list software. Simple but powerful task management software that can be used to create a shopping list to organise projects.

Google Task

Google Task - SmartTo-Do List
Google Tasks is a simple but effective way of managing your tasks. Allowing you to create a to-do list from your desktop Gmail or using the Google Tasks app. It is easily located in the side panel of Gmail. You can add times to your tasks, view them inside google calendar and have the power to create recurring task management.


checkify - smart to-do list
Checkify checklist based smart to-do list task management app allows you to collaborate with teams or just create one-off tasks. Can be used on the desktop, desktop app as well as mobile progressive app meaning you have access to your to-do list and checklists wherever you are.

Remember the Milk

remember the milk - smart to-do list
Remember The Milk uses simple tags and smart lists instead of “projects”  so feels great for a personal use app. Offering a great place to empty random tasks and ideas into a central point.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do - Smart To-Do List
Microsoft To-Do originally Wunderlist with a like Microsoft dazzle added to sync to-do lists over multiple platforms.
If you use outlook you can even create lists and add tasks direct which makes it super useful. Along with the ability to integrate with Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration platform.
Not such a powerful task management tool but a great to-do list and reminder.


evernote - smart to-do list
Long established Evernote is a very popular option. Making it easy to capture content, organise and simple to find and use.
A great way to document and save thoughts, notes, info, images, voice memos, and important files.
Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Google Keep are all similar in core functionality.


ticktick - smart to-do list
TickTick allows you to capture ideas, organize to-dos and manage tasks.
Allows voice input, assigning tasks,  smart lists and custom smart lists.


trello - smart to-do list
Team’s to-do list and often referred to as a lighter weight project management tool. Offering a shared perspective of tasks and projects and the ability to customise your workflow.
Kanban board style list display. - smart to-do list
Far more a project management and task management tool but can create a to-do List widget so you can easily add tasks to your to-do list.

To-Do List Templates.

Create and save lists as templates so you can easily re-use them.

To-Do list templates allow you to create something once and continually reuse saving valuable time.

Here at Checkify we allow you to create templates for your reoccurring business processes and business procedures. These ensure tasks in a process are not missed but also clearly define the exact way generally the best way a task should be completed.

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