How to Work At Home Checklist

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How to Work At Home Checklist

Work at home or where ever you happen to be can be awesome but it’s easy to become your own worst enemy.

Many more positives to working from home like having fewer interruptions from colleagues, being about to avoid office politics and the stress of the daily commute.

The key to being productive and effective while working at home is to distinguish between work and home mode and not get into bad habits.

Identify a bespoke space exclusively for working as sitting in your bed or on your sofa in your pyjamas is not conducive to achieving your best results.

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Work At Home Checklist


Establish a structured routine as if going into the office.

Prepare For Work

Prepare yourself for the working day, take a shower and get dressed as if off to the office.


Get in the right mindset by creating a dedicated workspace where you can concentrate.

Fresh Air & Exercise

Keep spirits up and blow the cobwebs away get outside and enjoy that fresh air.

Exercise makes you feel better and even helps you work better.


Can be isolating thus reducing productivity.

Pick up the phone and have a real conversation, don’t just rely on email and messaging.

Breaks and Healthy Food

Working too much when you don’t have distractions. Screen breaks and moving around.

Time management

Look at Time management techniques that might help the way you work – Pomodoro Technique, Getting things done,

Avoid Social Media

Stay off social media as it can be a time-sucker and distraction.


Clarity on conference calls, listening to music can also help people work.

Noise-canceling can help stop distractions.


A checklist is crucial to avoid falling into home mode.

Writing down objectives for the day, week, a month can focus productivity and motivate to get things done.

Checklists Help Achieve Objectives

Working from home can be a big adjustment because home is usually a time to relax space and a place to put your feet up and watch TV and catch up with friends. Suddenly having to redefine your home as both chill time and work mode can be a difficult one.

Checklists can help you structure your day-to-day tasks to avoid feeling unnecessary guilt if things are missed.

Remember to include other activities on the checklist like lunch, contact with work colleagues and especially some form of fresh air and exercise.

Tackling tasks on checklists give a great sense of satisfaction and a great way to measure accomplishments. That buzz every time you tick an item off as complete and an objective complete is great for productivity as well as a great motivator to get things done.

Checklists are crucial to help increase your productivity and efficiency while you work at home.

Got any suggestions to add to the Work At Home Checklist drop us a message.

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