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Trust Gap In Business

Trust Gap In Business 5

Trust is a crucial metric in business both with staff and customers as can boost both sales and performance.

When you meet a person for the first time with whom you wish to establish a business relationship they have to see you as trustworthy and likeable. The first question we all ask ourselves when we meet a new person is “Can I trust you?” Once you’ve shown you’re trustworthy, then you can prove you’re talented

People answer one question when they first meet you -- and that answer lays the foundation for a business relationship. "Can I trust you?"

Amy Cuddy

Share Your Mission Become Human

Creating great first impressions, increase transparency and bridge the trust gap.

"it is more crucial to our survival to know whether a person deserves our trust."

The ability to inspire trust in others is central to bridging the trust gap “I can trust this person as they are like me”

Build Business Credibility

Confidence that the business is credible and will remain reliable is key.

Establishing your credibility and authority

The aim always is not to push a product or service onto customer but help that person achieve there end goals.

built on both trust and value.

Customer Feedback & Reviews Are Core

Make it simple to engage with real humans within your company as it goes towards empowering users and generating brand loyalty.

Becoming an intuitive listener and reading beyond what is said.

Amy Cuddy - Trust Gap

The Trust Gap according to Amy Cuddy, trustworthiness (meaning warmth and likability) she writes in her
Book Presence
Amy Cuddy

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