Influencer Marketing Checklist

Influencer Marketing Checklist

Influencer Marketing is using social media endorsements from influencers in niches, that help you improve your brand awareness, increase traffic.

Social Media Influencer Marketing is locating  people with followers who have sway over your target audience. The size of the community is not as important as the niche.

The process of identifying the correct influencer, researching their content, who they engage with and making sure they have  some impact with your perfect customers.

Influencer Marketing

What you want to achieve

Brand awareness, visabilty, brand loyalty, increase website traffic. Sales or Lead Generation

The campaign needs to be mutually beneficial and add value both ways, to their work and business aswell as your own.

Ensure that the opportunity, angle and brand is relevant to your influencers content and audience.

What are there target audience in terms of age, gender, and where in the world.

Aim for influencers that align with your brand and your target audience.

Has the influencer ever worked with any of your competitors?

How long did partnership last? How long ago? Any existing agreement? Any non-compete policy?

Influencers have an audience.

Can they drive traffic to your content? Are the audience real or fake?

Accurate engagement stats

Sponsored content or organic content

Blog or Review

Define how you will measure success.

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