Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

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Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content Marketing Strategy you plan on how you are going to actively engage with your audience.

Content marketing strategy is how you manage and use content that you create and own: whether written blog posts or PDF, video, or downloadable ebook— you name it.

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A marketing strategy must be a plan on how you can continuously demonstrate your expertise and what you bring to your niche market /industry.

Content creation is important in business growth but needs to be well-planned to achieve a goal.

Content Audit

Review your content marketing efforts so far and the results you have achieved.

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Identify Audience and Reader

Who’s the target audience your content is aimed at? Who does your company does business with? How many different audiences are you creating content for?

What content types and channels will better deliver content to your audience chosen type?

Pain Points and Problem Solving

What pain point or problem will you be solving for your audience?

Does your product or service solve a pain point/problem you know your audience has?

Let your content guide them through their pain point/problem as they begin to identify and understand how address it.

Content should support both sides of your solution:

  • Those who are still discovering what their problem is.
  • Those already use your solution to overcome these problem. Keep reinforcing your solution.
Why Are You Unique?

What makes your solution better or, different from competitors?

Prove why you are worth listening to so worth buying the solution from.

Content Types

What content type formats will you focus on? Blog posts / Videos / Infographics /

Which format can best convey the solution?


Define Goals

Know what your goals are for the content creation before you begin planning.

Buyer Persona

Who is your perfect customer? Create a customer persona.

Identify and clearly define your content’s target audience so you can produce more relevant and valuable content.

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