Create a Business Process Library

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Create a Business Process Library

Business Process Library is created to document your business processes and store them in one central location.

Businesses large or small have their own processes that need to be followed for the business to run smoothly and efficiently. Managing processes is fairly easy if everyone knows what they need to do to accomplish the set task and don’t forget any steps along the way.

Business Process Management for small businesses is vital if looking to scale the business.

Companies with remote workers or a team spread throughout the World need to document processes so easily available to everyone and this can be done by creating a library.

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What Is A Business Process Library

A business process library (BPL) is a collection of all the processes that are considered to be important. A business process library can be used to store, manage and reuse business processes.

The process library contains documented procedures for carrying out different tasks within a business. It will also include information on how to use the process, what the process includes, who should carry it out and when it should be carried out.

By documenting these processes, it becomes much easier for employees to learn them and also for new employees to quickly get up-to-speed with what needs to happen in order to complete their assigned tasks.

A collection of business processes or standard operating procedures in a document management system that details workflows, tasks, checklists and acts as a reference library.

Documenting Business Processes

These business processes, policies and procedures can be documented in a variety of ways.

The traditional way was using filing cabinets, box files or even a notepad. Then as computers become more widely used we moved onto spreadsheets or word documents.

As the internet became an option to store these crucial documents which enable a business to run and maintain consistency.

The need for a digital format to maintain processes that could offer more actionable business process management options became available. This led to the creation of Business Process Management BPM Software where businesses can store their business process digitally.

How to Create a Business Process Library

Your business is a living, breathing thing. It thrives on the energy and engagement of your team – and it needs to change as you grow.

A Business Process Library is a dynamic, evolving repository of all the processes your organization runs. It’s an essential part of any company that wants to stay agile and efficient.

You can use a Business Process Library to:
– Keep track of what work has been done in the past so you’re not doubling up efforts
– Share best practices with your colleagues
– Improve communication within teams
– Find out how long tasks take so you can plan ahead

Why do we need Business Process Libraries?

A Business Process Library is a set of documents that describes the steps required to perform a process in a business.

They can be used as a guide for people who need to carry out tasks and they can also be used by organisations to measure how efficiently their processes are carried out.

A Business Process Library will improve efficiency by providing an overview of all processes in one location.

Benefits of a Process Library

Make processes easier available, understand and follow in a small checklist format.

The are many benefits to your business

  • Clear and consistent best practices
  • Compliance with industry standards and guidelines. 
  • Manages and improves business processes
  • Avoid duplicating processes
  • Flexibility to build and adapt processes quickly
  • Collaboration and Delegation
  • Tacit Knowledge Sharing “know-how” can be passed on if someone leaves or part of your Bus factor or Continuity planning
  • Improve Performance and Productivity
  • Reduced costs associated with training new employees
  • Increased customer satisfaction with consistent level of service
  • Reduce mistakes and human error

Organising Business Processes

A business process library help organise your business processes. It can help you improve the efficiency of your business by making it easier for employees to find the information they need, which in turn makes it easier for them to perform their jobs. This can result in higher productivity and lower costs.

Using your stored process library can be incredibly useful as you can view how departments operate through their processes.

Creating, recording, commentating on processes makes it normal to work on improving those processes and increasing productivity.

Manage Business Processes with Checklists

Documenting business processes in the form of checklists. Think about using a Checklist software like Checkify to document your processes.

Checklist software or business process management software (BPMS) allows you to create a process library of checklists. Creating a blueprint that can be used anytime, over and over again with a detailed guide of how to perform each task, including, images, videos etc.

Specify a completion date and know how each task and process are progressing 24 / 7. Offering traceability and accountability within the team.

Assign individual tasks within each checklist to different people and trigger events and additional processes dependent on results.

Connect different platforms using APIs or integration applications like zapier. These can trigger processes with anyone even touching a button. 

Collaboration and documentation in one place 

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