Work To Do List or Task Management Software?

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Work To Do List or Task Management Software?

Work to do lists could be the answer to increased productivity. Are you looking for something to help you and your team manage your daily workload? Would you like to work more efficiently and be more productive? Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to perform daily tasks better and faster than ever before.

However, it can be confusing when there is so much technology to choose from. In this article, we’re going to introduce two of the most popular applications available to you today. They are similar in several ways but also very different, depending on your needs.

Before we look at what’s available, let’s first define the different tasks that make up a normal working day.

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The Things You Have to Do During a Working Day

Tasks are everything that needs to get done to accomplish set goals. The tasks you have to complete within an ordinary working day include:

  • Those that have to be done immediately
  • Those that can wait until later
  • Tasks that require a certain amount of planning
  • Tasks that you need to assign to a member of your team
  • Things that you have to do on a daily basis

You may also need to share many of these tasks with your team, so everyone is synchronised. Collaboration is also critical.

Understanding the difference between a simple to-do-list and task management software means you’ll be able to choose the right tool for your team.

What is a Work To Do List?

What s a to-do list? A to do list gives you a mental jolt to remind you what tasks you have to accomplish in your day. Many people see them as a tool for creating a shopping list for the grocery store but they can be a powerful tool in business.

Creating a to do list or work to do list is a very simple process that comes with many benefits, the biggest of which is its simplicity to use. It is a list of things you have to do and help you prioritise the tasks that you need to complete and act as a reminder.

What is so simple about the method is it can be done on a piece of paper, a spreadsheet or even a to do list app.

With the work to do list app you can create a list of tasks and assign them to your team to do list or yourself. Many it’s possible to set alerts as a reminder when tasks are nearing their due date. But the most important aspect is that tasks are written down all in one central place so you don’t forget anything important.

The biggest downside to some work to do lists is that using them as a collaborative can be difficult. They are primarily a personal task management solution and perfect for freelancers, micro teams of five or fewer people, or solo entrepreneurs.

What is Task Management Software?

Task management is a to-do list with superpowers and far more suited to be business use.

Task management software offers a more advanced approach to do lists in that it allows you to look at tasks in more detail and much more. It is built specifically for business in mine so collaboration is a key element. Tasks can appear as cards on a board in the form of a Kanban To do list, as opposed to a list or in a calendar view.

With task management software you can create tasks and assign them to different members of your team. This ensures the task is being done by the right person for the job. Offering accountability and an audit trail with task activity and commenting.

It’s also possible to include more detail, for example, a description of the task as well as its due date. Create recurring tasks that happen regularly and automate them.

The task management software allows you to see what tasks have been completed and which are still pending, receive reminders, and dig into other relevant details such as analytics to see how the team is progressing and identify problems that need to be addressed.

Prioritisation allows you to see exactly what you need to work on as a priority and make sure nothing is missed. This offers you complete workflow management and keeps track of tasks, and business processes.

Finally, task management software allows you to get real-time alerts, push notifications or email reminders.

Is One Better Than the Other?

If you want your team to be more productive it’s all about finding the most efficient way to do things. There is a place for a work to-do list, especially if your list of tasks is simple and only needed occasionally.

If you have numerous tasks that need completing as part of your workflow it can help keep your team and work stay synchronised.

Task management software helps you keep work to-do lists in order and information referring to the task in one place rather than emails going back and forth. Tracking task activity means you always know what has been happening. Ensuring tasks are completed in the correct order and that certain tasks are completed before starting another.

Work To Do List App

Here at Checkify, we offer a work to-do list app /task management which is available on all devices so you can add tasks from anywhere you are.

Offering team collaboration, real-time notifications and much more.

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