Employee Leaving Checklist

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Employee Leaving Checklist

Employee Leaving Checklist covers steps you need to work through once you have accepted a formal resignation.

Review contracts to see the official notice time that is required and calculation of employee’s outstanding holiday / leave holiday owing to work out official leaving date.

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Once this date is clear and all parties agreed you need to work on who will be replacing that member of staff or cover the workload. 

Many members of staff have access to buildings, equipment, computer systems and many more to its is important to make sure nothing is missed.

There are several payroll obligations that need to do when an employee leaves.

Employee Leaving Checklist

Official notice time that is required

Staff name, manager name and department.

Confirmed Date

Confirmed Date Leaving – Allocate date once employement contract examined, new employer and remaining holiday entilement.


Collect Keys.

Security Passes

Collect security, parking & ID Cards.

Access Codes Removed

Access Codes / Security Codes removed.

Email Address

Deactivate email address or redirect.

Forward emails to new member of staff or current member of staff.

Phone Redirect

Phone redirected to new member of staff or current member of staff.


Collect Company equipement. Example: Computer, Phone Uniform.


Confirm address for final correspondence..

Notify Tax Office

Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when a employee leaves.

Send P45

Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when a employee leaves.

Stop Payroll

Make sure have been removed from any future payroll processing.

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