Employee Performance Checklist

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Employee Performance Checklist

Employee Performance is about identifying what people are doing well and what they need to work on. Focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

Performance appraisals are a powerful tool to create a better working relationship with your team whilst helping improve the way they work. This gives additional motivation to do their best along with building a better relationship through these communication channels.

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Better communicate with team members the stronger your team will become.

Employee Performance Checklist

What are team members doing well?
Work Quality

Quantity, quality, errors, and time scales.

Punctuality and Attendance

Time keeping records of attendance.

Time Management

Manage time well ,uses time effectively, keeps work on schedule and meets deadlines.


Interactions with others like colleagues, supervisors and customers.


Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Consistently demonstrates cares about the job.


Identify new and more efficient, initiative methods.

Accepts constructive criticism and then works to improve and change.

Interpersonal Skills

Working relationship with coworkers.


Promotes a culture of learning, willing to help and understanding other team members.

Help keep the team engaged and on track. Manager Qualities.


Achieved goals set during last performance review?


Works well in the team, working toward a common goal.

Shares new ideas and techniques to help achieve goals.


Job skills, capabilities, proficiency and characteristics.

Identifying strengths and areas where excel.

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