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Employment Contract Checklist

Employment Contract Checklist 5

Employment contract is to protect both employees and the business. This sets out the legal relationship between the employer and the employee.

Everyone should have an employment contract setting out terms and conditions and establish  rights and responsibilities for both parties.

Ideally the contract should be in place on the first day of employment but have up to two months after the first day of employment.

Employment contracts can help to resolve disputes and helps you to understand what your legal rights.

Employment Contract Checklist

Business Name

Full business name, address

Employee’s Name

Full name, address

Job Title and Description

Job description and job title so both parties know what is expected. 


Date employment officially starts.


Salary details  including any overtime or bonus pay


Hours of work including overtime hours 

Holiday Entitlement

Holiday pay and holiday entitlement which includes how much time off you’re entitled to.


Notice period required and conditions for termination.

Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Redundancy Pay

Statutory redundancy pay is the legal minimum.

Disputes & Dismissal

Dispute resolution process.

How much notice your employer must give you if you’re dismissed.

Confidentiality Clauses

Confidentiality clause for sensitive information.

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