Job Description Checklist

Job Description Checklist

Job description main purpose is to determine and outline the main duties and responsibilities that are involved in a  job to inform potential candidates.

Job description should aim to clearly identify the purpose of the job role including key tasks that need to be performed and the main accountabilities.

Job description can be used as a applicant-screening tool by comparing the credentials of the candidate to those attributes considered essential to perform the job role.

Job Description

Few words to describe the job responsibilities or position. Headline for the entire job description

Which area/ department of the business will the job be under.

Main Purpose of Job.Cover the basics of the role. List 2-3 main functions of the role

Outline the main duties and responsibilities involved. Come up with all the skills that will be required to carry out these tasks.

Key results / objective - primary mission for this position.

Why are you hiring? What problem is your company facing that the new team member will be asked to solve?

List responsibilities that will need to be performed for the immediate and long-term objectives to be met.

Responsible for staff/equipment.

Report to: Manager, supervisor and team leader.

Driving Licence, Skills, Formal qualification, Academic Qualifications, Additional pre-employment checks and security screening

Where will the position be based? If you have more than one office make it clear where the position is for.

Brief description of what you do and your mission for the future.

What will the person be doing every day? List all the daily responsibilities that will need to be carried out to met role objectives.

Know what necessary experience, right skills and experience is important to attract the right person.

Skills, Strengths, Style, Experiences, Accomplishments, and Background (academic or other).

Bonus points if…

How much will they be paid? What benefits will they receive? Career development benefits?

How to apply, the recruitment process and dates.

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