ILR Indefinite Leave to Remain Checklist

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ILR Indefinite Leave to Remain Checklist

ILR indefinite leave to remain document Checklist is to help you gather the documents and information you may need.

As an immigrant, your status in the UK could be uncertain. If you want to ensure that you are properly documented, and your life in the UK is as smooth as possible, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Once you receive your Indefinite Leave to Remain, you will be able to apply for work permits, student visas, and more!

You must prove your eligibility to apply for permanent residence in the UK. This includes providing several documents and information to the Home Office to prove your eligibility.

The Home Office may request more evidence if needed. This checklist provides you with all the necessary documents and information you will need to apply for ILR Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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ILR Document Checklist

Documents you must supply and are key ILR documents – UK immigration laws state all information must be provided in English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic, and you must provide a certified translation of documents that are not.

ILR Document Checklist


Current passport or other valid ID for travel. This must be an in-date, valid passport

Also all the passports held during your time frame in the UK

If you have been away from the country for any period of time document this information. You cannot leave the UK for 180 days in a 12-month period in the qualifying residency period

Resident Permit

Biometric residence permit (if you have been issued one)

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is an electronic document that many people who have been given leave to remain or further leave to remain have been issued.

Biometric data include fingerprints and stored on the Home Office database.

NOTE: Biometric Residence Permits of any dependents must be included in your application.


If applicable you may require a proof of English language ability.

English language test SELT proves your language ability. There are four providers

Trinity College London, IELTS SELT Consortium, LanguageCert, Pearson Education Ltd

Life in the UK test results information

Housing Accommodation

Provide information about living arrangements.
Property Owner – Title deeds of ownership or a letter from the mortgage provider.
Rent – Letter from your landlord


Claiming any benefits include documentation showing this.

Children / Dependents

Birth certificates of any included in your application.

Medical issues

A letter from your doctor or specialist for any long-term medical or physical condition

Partner Route

Evidence that proves cohabitation

Police Registration Certificate

If you have been asked to register with the police provide the certificate.

Changes in Circumstances

Anything changed? Document any changes in circumstances.
Example: Marriage/civil partnership, divorce, name changes, and children born or have become the legal guardians.

As an immigrant, you will be required you have a right to work in the UK.

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