Maternity Leave Checklist

The right to take up to a year if you’re having a baby
Maternity Leave Checklist

Maternity leave gives you the right to take up to a year if you’re having a baby.

Maternity leave entitles employees to 52 weeks Statutory Leave if given the correct notice. Employees are not forced to take they full 52 weeks if they don’t want to.

Fathers also get leave to spend time with their new child take a look at our paternity leave checklist.


Maternity Leave Checklist

Received Notification Date

  When was notification received?

Staff Member

 Name and Department.

Legal Rights

Confirmation Letter

Confirmation Letter of pregancy.

Return Date

Notify expected date of return from leave.

Maternity Certificate

UK – MATB1 –  Certificate.

Antenatal Dates

Antenatal care dates.

Risk Assessment

Health and safety risk assessment.

Annual Leave

 Using annual leave entitlement.


Appropriate level of contact

Contact whilst on  leave? Email or phone?

Sick Leave

Maternity sick leave.

Work Cover

How work will be covered? Internal or recruitment.

Keeping in Touch

UK – Keeping in Touch Days (KIT Days) employee may work for up to 10 days during her  leave.

Overlap / Training

Overlap time required to get cover trained to cover?

Maternity Leave Checklist

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