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Paternity Leave Checklist

Paternity Leave Checklist 129

Paternity leave enables you to take time off for the birth or adoption of a child. Welcoming a new child into your family is a magical experience which should be shared with your partner.

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy you’re entitled to paternity leave of up to two weeks to get to know your new child.

Both mums and dads are entitled to maternity leave or paternity leave to share in this special occasion.

Paternity Leave UK Checklist

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Written Notice

Paternity Certificate – At least 15 weeks before the baby is due.

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Confirmed Expected Date

Leave cannot start before the birth.

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Antenatal Appointments

You can take unpaid leave for 2 antenatal appointments.

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Document Job

List all tasks performed, projects etc.

Note who has the ability or skills to cover.

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Statutory Paternity Pay

Apply for paternity pay using form SC3

Paternity Leave Checklist 130

Confirm Expected Return Date

Must end within 56 days of the birth.

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