Measure Business Success Checklist

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Measure Business Success Checklist

Measure business success checklist identifies different ways to measure how successful your business idea is. The definition of success can be very different for everyone. 

All business owners desperately want their businesses to be successful, but it can be unclear how to measure your new business ideas performance. The most important and one most referred to is financial profitability but that is not the only potential indicator of success, growth or future viability of your business.

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If you are a young business, start-up you sometimes need a way to ascertain how far your business idea has grown. We don’t need to know why we need to measure business performance, but how to measure it is another question. Here are some ways to help you gauge and measure a business success checklist.

Measure Business Success Checklist


Most important factor as without profit you are unlikely to be able to continue trading.


Keep your eyes on the competitors.

Tracking the competition can offer you business insight into what people could be looking for. Offering new business ideas and ways you could move your business and keep you on your toes.


Customer feedback is available everywhere with the ability to review businesses a useful resource for many potential customers.

It is a useful tool to keep you informed about what people think about your business.

Checking your business reputation and customer opinions is a great way to measure performance.

Recommendations: Take the time to thank people who leave positive reviews and feedback. They like your business and will share that good experience with other so show your appreciation.

Address Negative Feedback: Respond in a professional. Thank them for review and try and address their issues. Remember don’t take this personally, a good response to negative feedback

Continuous Search: Continuously seek for your business name in online reviews and comments, take steps to resolve problems and focus on areas of improvement that is needed.

Business Review sites like, Bing Places, trustpilot, Capterra and Google.

Customer Growth

New customers are key to growing a business.

Know how many new customers you have, new customers are a great way to measure success and predict growth.

Only getting limited new customers then start to think about ideas that may increase that figure and consider changing your marketing strategy.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers can hold key information for success and new business ideas.

Ask customers to review your business regularly and ask if they are satisfied with what you currently offer.

These questions will likely give you great tips moving forward but also give you at least one great idea that could increase your business future success.

Social Media

Love it, hate it or feel irrelevant to your business.

Love It: Increased followers, likes and interactions can be a great way to see your business growing.

Hate It or Irrelevant: Many business owners believe that social media marketing will not benefit their business and is not relevant.

They could not be further from the truth there are many different social media platforms. You just need to find the right one for your business

Social media gives you a way to showcase your products or services, and a great way of connecting with your customers on a more personal level.

Keep on top of your social media strategy and know where you are going for the future posts

Business Goals

To measure business performance you must have clarity on what the end goals are for the business.

Setting business goals must be determined by what you want to accomplish with the business.

Goals may change over time but there should always be something that you want to keep striving towards.

I hope this measure business success checklist has made you realise there are so many ways you can measure how well your business is going. Starting your own business can be difficult but so rewarding. 

Budding entrepreneurs eager to create the next big startup or just someone who wants to be self-employed this information can help you see where you are going and the growth you are making.

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