Social Media Strategy Checklist

Social Media Strategy Checklist

The key ingredient for success in social media marketing is have a social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy for your business. What to start using social media but not sure how what and where to will be best for your business.

The key ingredient for success in social media marketing is to have a social media strategy. This can help you understand and identify your goals,  know who your target audience is, and what they are looking for including their pain points so your content can offer value to their business.

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So why does your business want to be on social media? What are your social media goals?

Social Media Strategy Checklist

Set Goals

What do you want to achieve? Set social media goals.

Defining goals and objectives gives you a clear direction


Analyze your competitors social media channels. What channels seem to work for them? What sort of content creatures the largest amounts of likes / shares?

Your competitors can offer great insight into what your strategy should be.


Who are your audience?

Get to know your audience demographics and what makes they are looking for.

Find out pain points then craft content that truly helps them solve a problem.

Which Platforms?

Where are you going share content? Choose the right platform for your brand.

Where do you customer hang out? Is your target audience active in the network?


What are you going to share?

Create or source content to share which supports your goals and objectives.


Hashtags and Keywords research to find your industry keywords and hashtags that your audience are using.

Hashtags are key to getting your content to your target audience.


When are you going share? How often would you like to post on social media?

Post live and scheduled posts. There are tools which can help with scheduling posts.

Getting timing right is essential.

Analyse Results

Analytics can help you understand what’s working and what’s not!

This can help optimise your reach.