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Posting on Medium Checklist

Posting on Medium Checklist 9

Medium is a blogging and content syndication platform which can help build an additional audience.

Great place to read articles,  share stories and ideas with the world.

Medium’s massive monthly users now tops 100 million. Offering a massive potential reach for a new audience and followers.

Many businesses use the platform for there blog and include it in a content marketing strategy.

Posting Articles on Medium Checklist

Create New Story

Add content by clicking on Logo in top right hand corner. Drop down list click “New Story”

Add title, Images, and main content.

Alt Text

Set Alt Tag descriptions on images

Set Tags

Add up to five relevant tags.

  1. Click  Menu icon.
  2. Select –  Change tags.

Metered Paywall

Remove post from Medium’s paywall. Can’t earn revenue through Partner Program.

  1. Edit Mode – Click  gear button Top-right corner.
    Select Edit story.
  2. Click  Menu icon.
  3. Select – “Manage distribution setting”.
  4. Uncheck Box – “Allow curators to recommend my story to interested readers”.
  5. Save. Now not behind the paywall.

Canonical Link

Google and search engines hate duplicated content. But also like to know ultimate source of content. It is important to set Medium Canonical link.

  1. Edit Mode – Click  gear button top-right corner.
    Select Edit story.
  2. Menu button     – Top-right corner.
  3. Select “More settings”.
  4. Select – ” Advanced Settings” and the “This story was originally published elsewhere”.
  5. Enter Link – “Paste the URL to the original story” and click save canonical link and publish.

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