Steps To Improve Business Process Management

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Steps To Improve Business Process Management

Improve business process management to increase productivity, profitability and business growth. Whether it’s the way data moves between different departments, customer interaction and sales all have processes.

Ineffective business processes can affect business in a number of ways frustrated staff, missing critical deadlines, not being compliant with industry standards, health and safety risks, missed opportunities, all of which can lead to decreased business growth and increased costs.

Process management needs to be seamless and have continuity throughout the business to make them a success.

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Improve Business Process Management Checklist

Process Mapping

Process mapping shows the process visually

Using tools like swim lane diagrams, flowcharts and business process modelling techniques.


Identify problem areas.

Liaise and gather suggestions from people working within the process.

Will improving the process remove the problem? is the process important in optimising operations in another area?


Redesign problem areas

Will changes impact your customers? Will it require extra resources? New staff? Equipment?


Implementing the solution.

Training staff who will be part of the new process solution.


Communicate with people working intimately with the processes.

Is everything working according to the plan?

Frequently asked questions
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FAQ's about Process Management
  • Why Business Process is Important?

    Business processes are important because they are a step-by-step guide that describes how things are done in the best possible way and makes it easier to focus on improving business processes.

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  • What is Business Process Management BPM / BPMS?

    It’s your step-by-step plan for achieving your business goals.

    Business process management is just like a recipe. It includes all the vital ingredients and instructions to take your important business activities from start to finish successfully and on time. But instead of a delicious chocolate cake at the end (unless you’re a bakery owner, of course), your finish line could be a product ordered and shipped to a satisfied customer.

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  • Business Process Management Benefits

    Business processes are integral to the growth and success of any company. They set the blueprint or checklist for various activities, allowing employees to carry out small repeatable tasks towards a specific objective. Knowing what business processes are and developing them effectively are different things.

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  • Business Process Design

    Business process design should structure business processes  into three types

    • Operational process

    • Supporting process

    • Management process

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