Recruitment Candidate Specification Checklist

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Recruitment Candidate Specification Checklist

Candidate specification is a description of the qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes which the perfect candidate must posse for the job. Figure out what exactly you need in the perfect candidate.

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This needs to be outlined before the job vacancy is advertised and taken into account while producing the job description. You’ll attract better applicants if you write a good job description with candidate specifications.

Many abilities and attitudes might be required to achieve the objectives of the position and benefit the business. 

Recruitment Candidate Specification Checklist

Define the qualifications and skills the candidate requires.

Qualifications – Essential – Desirable

Professional courses taken and qualifications gained.


Skills/competencies – Competencies are the skills, behaviours and knowledge that they need to bring into the team.


Certified knowledge of products like software.

Practical / working knowledge

Or just theoretical knowledge is enough.

Previous Experience

Previous experience so you know they have successfully performed a specific job / role in the past.

Special Attributes

example: a track record of writing financial reports for a company board.

Personal Qualities

Self-motivation, team player, flexible, eager and willing to learn, technical competency, confidence, adaptability, communication skills and honesty.

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