Social Media Security Audit Checklist

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Social Media Security Audit Checklist

Social Media Security Audit to make sure your social profiles remain secure.

Social media accounts can be a powerful tool for your business and marketing but if you have some influence and have a number of followers you could be a target. Making this one of the most important steps in your security audit.

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The most important rule is to make sure all social media accounts have different passwords and are randomly generated. There are services online that offer this for free. Don’t make them easy to guess or crack. Consider if you use the same passwords on multiple systems if one login is compromised,  then potentially access to all your accounts / services are at risk.

Even if you don’t use your social media account watch them as if compromised they could be used to post fraudulent messages under your name.

To ensure social media security within your business, you must create a detailed social media policy for your business and employees to follow along with a regular security audit.

Social Media Security Audit Checklist

Make sure your social profiles remain secure
Security settings

Check for all social media platform updates and how they affect your company account security.

Check privacy settings as they are routinely updated.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA Provides a way of ‘double checking’ that you really are allowed access to the account.

User Access

Limit access. Check who has the ability to use your company social media pages. Have people left and need account access removed. Has someone taken over who need account access granted?

Identify Apps

Scheduling posts using external services deactivate those that you don’t use.

Identify Devices with Access

Check you list of devices you and your team use to manage your social media accounts.

Email Links

Using the same approach as phishers to gain access.

Change Password

Regular schedule passwords changes and different across accounts.

Consider generating long random passwords to instantly secure your accounts.

New Security Threats

Any current security threats reported in the news.

Network Security

No social media should be used on the company’s business network.

Training Staff

Train staff in best practices and them understand the importance.

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